Zipf… Error?

Ok so I need some mathy peeps to help me out with this one. I decided to try it out with the top 10 nouns in the KJV of the Bible.

Screenshot 2016-06-19 at 7.56.10 PM.png

I copied em down on docs, did the math and multiplied 7365 (number of “lord”s) by .5, .3, etc. and my outcomes slowly drifted further and further away from the actual number of words as seen below.

Screenshot 2016-06-19 at 7.57.49 PM

I’m just making sure I did it right. If I did, then the zipf law thing might be… flawed? Idk. It could be that I only used nouns. Anyways, plz help!!!!!





Take My Cheese







Still Cheddar

No sleep

Just cope

No weep

Take my Brie

See the maze

See us run

Down You gaze


Gouda is a gift

Love here is free

A dead rat hung

A death for me


Feta-Bringer gives his offering

If it is a gift

Why can’t this rat refuse?

A rat like me did


He refused to eat Mozzarella

And when the maze was done

Cheese-man gave him deadly poison.

He was not the only one.


What do I do in this hopelessness?

A poison of choosing the wrong thing

Means my demise will surely ensue. He

will poison me now undoubtedly. TAKETHECHEESE


My mind is on the run

An outcast of society

I am the only one

There is a secret side of me


I found the Love is gone

Nothing in my lungs but air

Awake until the dawn

Nobody is even there


Up the roof I climb

To the edge. I look down

I scream up at the sky

But still, not a sound


He said that He would knock

And be found there if I seek

So the door I unlock

But nothing’s there for me


Me? A politician.

Oh, I? I’ll start a band.

Myself? Yeh, I’ll go fishin’

The cards all in my hand


For impact and for love

To show the world I am

For freedom and for blood

Alone, here I stand


Yes, I shall make a law.

No, I will write a song.

Yes, I’ll sit in the bog

And fight for the day long.


But whatever I do

There’s nothing there for me

So I’ll stay here with you

Your battle I won’t flee


No, I won’t be famous.

I’ll be like all of you.

A boring life I must

My battle I’ll muse through